Best Commercial Rice Cookers for Restaurants and Caterers

Buying the best commercial rice cookers is an investment in your food’s quality. The appropriate rice cooker may change a kitchen by making it easy for chefs to cook large amounts of rice to perfection.

These commercial cookers have greater capacities, sturdy construction, complex cooking settings, and keep-warm functions. Their versatility allows them to create fluffy basmati rice, sticky sushi rice and aromatic jasmine rice with ease and precision.

This comprehensive overview covers the best commercial rice cookers’ important features, newest technological advances, and what makes them stand out. This article will help you make an informed decision to serve perfectly cooked, tasty, and customer-pleasing rice in your company, regardless of size.

Understanding Commercial Rice Cookers

Definition and Functionality

Commercial rice steamers are larger than domestic ones and have durable construction and improved functionality for heavy use. These cookers can handle high-volume meal preparation in commercial kitchens and are made to last.

Commercial rice cookers produce consistent results even at full capacity, unlike household cookers. Complex heating components and temperature control mechanisms ensure that every grain of rice is cooked evenly.

bustling commercial kitchen with chefs

Many commercial models have programmable settings, keep-warm functions, and flexible cooking options for different rice and grains, making them more useful in a variety of culinary environments.

Importance in a Commercial Kitchen

A rice steamer is essential for culinary consistency, operational efficiency, and quality in a busy commercial kitchen. The best commercial rice cookers satisfy the rigorous requirements needed in professional settings, where rice is a staple in many meals.

Chefs and kitchen staff can rely on the fact that every batch of rice will meet customer texture, flavor, and warmth standards. These cookers are crucial during peak eating hours or large catering events when manually cooking rice is impracticable and time-consuming.

Since they save time and labor, kitchen staff can focus on other meal preparations while serving high-quality rice every time. Commercial rice cookers are cost-effective for food service establishments since they last a long time and operate well under continual use.

Factors to Consider

To choose the best industrial rice cooker for your business, consider some important factors. The quality of the rice and the efficiency of your kitchen depend on this decision.

commercial rice cookers in various sizes

Capacity and Size

Rice cooker capacity matters. Choose a size that fits your business’s size and rice consumption. Commercial rice cookers range from small for boutique cafes to large for restaurants and catering.

Too small a cooker requires numerous batches, while too large wastes energy and space. Estimate capacity based on daily client numbers and meal sizes.

Material and Durability

The build quality of a rice steamer directly influences its longevity and performance. In a commercial kitchen, stainless steel rice cookers are sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

Aluminum or non-stick-coated pots are lighter and easier to remove rice from, but they may not last as long as stainless steel. Check the cooker’s lid, inner pot, and outside casing to ensure it can sustain daily, heavy use.

Features and Technology

Modern commercial rice cookers are equipped with a variety of features that can enhance kitchen efficiency. Programmable settings allow for precise control over cooking times and temperatures, catering to different rice varieties and recipes.

Automatic shut-off and keep-warm functions cook rice properly and maintain serving temperature without monitoring for safety and convenience. Some advanced models also feature smart cooking algorithms, digital displays, and even connectivity options for remote monitoring and control, which can be a boon for busy kitchens.

Best Commercial Rice Cookers

Ease of Use and Maintenance

In a fast-paced commercial kitchen, the ease of using and maintaining a rice cooker is vital. Look for models with intuitive controls and clear indicators, which can reduce training time and minimize errors during operation.

The cooker should also be easy to disassemble and clean, as hygiene and maintenance are paramount in food service. Consider cookers with removable inner pots, dishwasher-safe components, and non-stick surfaces for hassle-free cleaning.

Price and Budget Considerations

While higher-priced models often offer better quality and more features, it’s important to consider your budget. Investing in a high-quality commercial rice cooker can be cost-effective in the long run due to its durability, energy efficiency, and the quality of rice it produces.

However, balance this with the financial realities of your business. It’s advisable to invest in the best model your budget allows, as a reliable rice steamer is an essential tool in any commercial kitchen serving rice dishes.

Consider your business’s size, operations, features, and budget when picking the best commercial rice cookers. Making an informed decision can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and, most importantly, consistently high-quality rice for your customers.

Top Picks for the Best Commercial Rice Cookers

  • 【Easy Operation】This rice cooker is designed for simple and convenient use. Just press the switch, and it will start cooking delicious and perfectly cooked rice. It automatically switches to the keep warm mode after 38 minutes to ensure that the rice doesn't overcook or burn.
  • 【Ideal for Catering Services】With a capacity of 30 cups (uncooked) or 60 cups (cooked), this rice cooker is perfect for ensuring a constant supply of rice or grains in restaurants, buffets, and hotels.
  • 【Included Accessories】The rice cooker comes with durable non-stick inner pot and a measuring cup for precise measurement and consistent rice quantity. It also includes an ergonomically designed rice scoop for serving and a convenient rice sieve for easy cleaning, making cooking, serving, and cleaning a breeze.
  • 【Durability for Daily Use】The rice cooker features an easy-to-clean non-stick inner pot and a stainless steel detachable lid that can be wiped clean effortlessly. Its sturdy construction, anti-slip feet, and convenient handles make it suitable for daily use in the kitchen.
  • 【Excellent Customer Service】We provide outstanding customer service. If you encounter any quality or functionality issues with the product after receiving it, please contact us, and we will resolve the problem within 24 hours. We have full confidence in the quality and performance of our product. If you are not satisfied, you can return it directly.
  • Easy-to-Use Functionality: With a simple switch press, indulge in delicious and flawlessly cooked rice, and seamlessly transition to keep-warm mode post-cooking
  • Commercial Capacity: Boasts a 30-Cup uncooked and 60-cup cooked cup capacity, making it perfect for large gatherings or restaurants
  • Premium-Grade Quality: Holds both cETL and NSF certifications, attesting to its compliance with the highest safety and quality standards
  • High-Quality Construction: Durable nonstick inner pot and user-friendly digital touch controls ensure non-complicated usage and to last
  • Included Accessories: Comes with a product manual, rice spatula, rice measuring cup, and cooking silicone pad
  • Commercial standards - our arc-1130s is part of our Commercial rice cooker Line, allowing for restaurant quality Rice to be prepared on a commercial level.Power Consumption 120V 60Hz 1550W
  • Fluffy rice, every time – Get more without sacrificing quality. Your rice, whether you're cooking 10 cups or 60, will always come out deliciously fluffy and be a perfect compliment to any meal.
  • Large capacity – our commercial rice cookers our are largest yet! With the arc-1130s having the ability to make 60 cups of prepared rice at once, your cooking time Will easily be cut in half!
  • Accessories – The arc-1130s comes with two rice measuring Cups, a stainless steel lid, nonstick inner pot, and a plastic rice spatula..
  • Rice doubles in volume when cooked. This unit is a 30 cup uncooked, 60 cup cooked capacity rice cooker.
  • Perfectly prepares up to 60 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Durable body and heavy-duty stainless steel lid for continuous use
  • Simple, electronic operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Easy-to-clean, nonstick removable inner pot
  • Includes Rice Measuring Tumbler and Serving Spatula
  • For commercial use only
  • 60 cup/14 liter Cooked Rice Capacity: The large capacity allows the operator to cook up to 60 cups of cooked rice in one batch.
  • One-touch operation: To prevent overcooking, the rice cooker automatically shifts to keep warm mode after cooking is complete.
  • Stainless Steel Exterior Housing Designed for continuous commercial use.
  • Inner pot is removable, easy to clean and has visible water line markings to assist with accurate liquid measurement.
  • Heated Stainless Steel Hinged Lid: The heated lid provides greater cooking consistency. The hinged design is easy to open and close, and remains attached to the base which takes up less counter space.
  • The condensation cup collects water that is released during the cooking cycle, keeping your counters clean and dry.
  • Each commercial rice cooker comes with a 900ml plastic rice measuring cup and serving rice spatula.
  • Beyond rice varieties such as white, brown, jasmine, and basmati rice; the rice cookers can also cook grits, oatmeal and macaroni and cheese dishes.
  • 1 Year
  • 【🍚13.8QT commercial rice cooker 65 cups】Yollnia commercial rice cooker has a big capacity of 13L which can cook 35 cups of Raw rice(65 cups Cook Rice) and capable of serving more than 25 people for commercial use as well as private parties.
  • 【🍚Simply manual operation rice cooker】Manual operation is more durable than digital operation to the rice cooker.Simply one press operate and auto switching to keep warm.
  • 【🍚Fast Cook & 3D Heating and warming】With the thermal fuse surrounds the cooker body and inner lid, Yollinia commercial rice cooker can fulfil 3-dimensional heating supply and preservation. 3D heating supply can keep warm for fluffy rice over 12 hours at ideal serving temperature anytime.Besides the cooker just takes 40 minutes to cook 65 cups of cooked rice because of the 3D surrounding thermal fuse.
  • 【🍚Heavy duty & Not-stick coating inner pot】Equipped with Superior durable Non-stick inner pot, which meet with FDA standard, the detachable & washable inner lid and side condensation collector. All available for dish-washer.
  • 【🍚Widely Application】This commercial rice cooker not only can cook rice , but also can cook soup ,curry,even bread. Perfect for restaurants, buffets, school canteen,hotels use.
  • 【🍚Accessories Included】comes with 1 small measuring cup,1 big measuring cup,1 small rice paddle,1 big rice spatula.
  • 100 Cup Capacity – Holds 100 cups of cooked rice ideal for restaurants or large gatherings
  • Extended Hold Times – Ensure rice stays at the ideal serving temperature and consistency for up to 12 hours
  • Commercial-Grade – Designed to withstand daily use in commercial foodservice environments ideal for restaurants, caterers and even busy home kitchens
  • Removable Inner Pot – Non-stick inner pot seals in moisture and removes for easy cleanup
  • Rice and Grains Cooker for Food Service: Ideal for restaurants, cafeterias and food stores the large capacity Panasonic commercial multi-cooker cooks 46-cups of rice in just 30 minutes (94, 3-oz servings); plus cook grains like quinoa, farro and more
  • Simpler, Smarter Cooking: One-touch operation makes it easier than ever to cook fluffy rice; Automatic Shut-Off senses when rice is done to prevent overcooking and keeps food warm for 5 hours
  • Durable for Daily Use: Non-stick fluoride Teflon coating on removable inner pan provides added durability and scratch resistance and non-stick coating makes clean-up a breeze; stainless steel lid easily wipes clean
  • Dimensions: 14-13/16" (D) x 16-29/32" (W) x 14-7/32" (H), 22 lbs; measuring cup and rice scoop included
  • Designed for Commercial Food Service: "NSF" Approved for Commercial use; Built-in double safety thermal fuse for added protection in kitchens; 120V AC-60Hz, 1800 Watts
  • 40 Cup Capacity-This reliable unit can cook up to 40 cups (240 oz.) of raw, uncooked rice in 40 minutes or less, making it ideal for any busy commercial kitchen.
  • Automatic Keep Warm – The rice cooker automatically switches from cooking to warming mode once cooking is complete, so you can be sure that your freshly cooked rice stays at the perfect temperature for your guests.
  • Non-Stick Inner Pot- This unit's removable, non-stick aluminum inner pot ensures your rice is evenly cooked while also making it easy to clean at the end of the day.
  • Durable Stainless Steel- Featuring stainless steel construction, this rice cooker offers long-lasting durability and easy cleaning while looking sleek and sharp on the countertop.
  • Convenient Portability- Thanks to its two sturdy handles, this rice cooker is easy to transport to wherever is most convenient for your business. Portability is key for or on-the-go sushi counters or high-volume bistros and buffets
  • HUGE CAPACITY: This large rice cooker is one of the biggest rice and grain cookers on the market, so you can prepare up to 60 cups of perfectly cooked, fluffy rice for food service.
  • ONE-TOUCH DESIGN: Touch the power button to turn on the 60-cup rice cooker, then get back to work. The LED light panel shows when the rice cooker switches to warm.
  • AUTOMATIC WARMER: Set it and forget it! The commercial rice warmer senses when your grains are perfectly cooked, then it keeps it warm at just the right temperature.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: The powder-coated steel body and stainless steel lid are built to last. Lift out the BPA-free inner pot for easy cleaning and hold onto the cool-touch handles.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE: Aroma Commercial rice cookers have ETL sanitization to keep up with daily use in busy kitchens. Plus, our advanced safety fuse adds thermal protection.
  • 【Large Capacity】 With an impressive capacity of 13L, WerkWeit commercial rice cooker can handle large quantities of rice effortlessly. It's the ideal solution for busy kitchens where efficiency and consistency are paramount. With the capacity of 60cup cooked rice, our commercial electric rice cooker can serve 10-25 people at the same time.
  • 【Rapid Cooking Technology】Our large rice cooker is equipped with advanced heating elements that ensure lightning-fast cooking times, allowing you to serve up perfect batches of rice in record time. Say goodbye to long waiting periods and keep your customers satisfied. Equipped with 1850W power, this rice cooker large 50 cups could serve your customers faster and keep the orders flowing seamlessly.
  • 【Commercial-Grade Durability】 Crafted from high-quality, robust materials, our rice cooker is built to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen environment. The stainless steel exterior construction ensures longevity and easy cleaning, while the non-stick inner pot simplifies maintenance.
  • 【3D Heating & Keep Warm】The commercial rice warmer features advanced 3D heating technology that evenly distributes heat throughout the pot, ensuring perfectly cooked rice every time. The keep warm function allows you to enjoy hot rice even hours after it has been cooked.
  • 【Suitable for Any Commercial Kitchen】Whether you run a bustling restaurant, catering service, or food truck, our commercial rice cooker is the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal. Elevate your culinary creations and streamline your operations with this essential appliance.
  • LARGE: Cook up to 7.5lb of rice at a time
  • FAST: Meal-ready in approximately 45 minutes
  • PRACTICAL: Automatic "Keep Warm" function
  • DESIGN: Single switch operation, convenient nonstick pan and detachable lid
  • SAFE: cETLus listed and NSF certified
  • 【35 Cup Capacity】 This commercial rice cooker has a large 6L capacity inner pot and can finish 35 cups of uncooked rice 70 cups of cooked rice in one go.
  • 【Auto Keep Warm & Resettable Circuit Protection】This commercial rice cooker not only has an automatic keep warm function, but also has a resettable circuit protection function. In case of abnormal temperature, not only will the power be cut off automatically, but it can be resumed again after the rice cooker cools down. More durable than other products!
  • 【Upgraded Inner Pot】Newly designed black rice cooker inner pot for better heat transfer and more even heating of rice. And the inner pot is more robust and less likely to cause deformation, making the commercial rice cooker last longer.
  • 【Healthy】The rice cooker inner pot has a food-grade non-stick coating to ensure non-toxicity and food safety.
  • 【Easy to Clean】The rice cooker inner lid, steam valve and water collection cup are designed to be removable for easy cleaning.
  • 【Suitable Scenarios】This commercial rice cooker is suitable for use in casual dining restaurants, quick service restaurants, large public venues, multi-person parties, schools and universities.
  • 【Other UsesⅠ】 Onlicuf's commercial rice cooker can be used as a warming pot. With the keep-warm mode, it can hold up to 6 liters of food at a time, keeping the food warm all the time.
  • 【Other Uses Ⅱ】 When you want to cook soup, porridge, etc. You need to open the lid when it is boiling.
  • 【Helpful Services】If you have any questions, you can contact Onlicuf customer service at any time. We will help you to solve your problem as soon as possible. ——This commercial rice cooker is only suitable for areas with a voltage of 120V. (Power: 1550W)

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Tips for Maximizing Efficiency with Commercial Rice Cookers

Using the best commercial rice steamers improves rice quality and kitchen efficiency in restaurants, cafeterias, and catering services. To fully leverage these benefits, it’s essential to delve deeper into aspects such as proper usage, maintenance best practices, and creative culinary applications.

Proper Usage

The cornerstone of maximizing a commercial rice cooker’s efficiency is proper usage. Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures optimal performance and rice quality. Long-grain, short-grain, and specialty rices like basmati and jasmine have varying rice-to-water ratios, so knowing them is crucial.

Many high-end commercial rice cookers offer specialized settings to cater to these variations, ensuring perfect texture and flavor. Additionally, pre-soaking certain types of rice and adjusting cooking times can further refine the results.

Maintenance Best Practices

Maintenance is as critical as usage. Regularly cleaning the inner pot prevents residue build-up and maintains heat efficiency. This involves not only rinsing after every use but also occasional deep cleaning to remove starch buildup and any water stains.

Inspecting components such as the heating element, thermostat, and lid seal for wear and damage is vital for safety and efficiency. Timely replacement of these components can prevent larger malfunctions. Also, descaling is necessary in areas with hard water to ensure the longevity of the cooker.

Best Commercial Rice Cookers for Caterers

Creative Uses

Beyond just cooking rice, the best commercial rice cookers can be a versatile tool in a commercial kitchen. They are excellent for preparing a variety of dishes. For instance, pilaf and risotto can be easily made, allowing for a hassle-free preparation of these otherwise labor-intensive dishes. Congee, a type of rice porridge popular in Asian cuisine, can be effortlessly made overnight in a rice cooker.

Additionally, many commercial rice steamers come with steaming capabilities, making them perfect for steaming vegetables, fish, and dumplings, thereby expanding the menu offerings without the need for additional equipment. This versatility makes the commercial rice cooker an indispensable appliance in a commercial kitchen.

Understanding and using the best commercial rice cookers to their full capability can improve kitchen productivity, menu variety, and culinary excellence. With proper use, maintenance, and culinary applications, these gadgets can power any commercial kitchen.

Let’s recap our top picks:

Photo Product Price Buy
MOOSUM Commercial Rice...image MOOSUM Commercial Rice Cooker, Large Capacity 30-Cup (UnCooked), 60-Cup (Cooked) with One Touch Operation and 12-Hour Keep Warm,Easy to Use and clean,1600W $129.99 Buy Now
CUCKOO CR-3032 30-Cup...image CUCKOO CR-3032 30-Cup (Cooked) / 60-Cup (Cooked) Large Capacity Commercial Rice Cooker & Warmer with Nonstick Inner Pot, Switch Press (Silver/Black) $220.91 Buy Now
Aroma Housewares 60-Cup...image Aroma Housewares 60-Cup (Cooked) (30-Cup UNCOOKED) Commercial Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel Exterior (ARC-1130S), Silver $125.16 Buy Now
Hamilton Beach Proctor...image Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex Commercial 37560R Rice Cooker/Warmer, 60 Cups Cooked Rice, Non-Stick Pot, Hinged Lid, Stainless Steel Housing, 1 Year Warranty $255.19 Buy Now
YOLLNIA Commercial Large...image YOLLNIA Commercial Large Rice Cooker & Food warmer | 13.8QT/65 Cup cooked rice | Non-stick Inner Pot |Auto Warmer Mode |1350W Fast Cooking $229.00 Buy Now
Winco Commercial-Grade Electric...image Winco Commercial-Grade Electric Rice Warmer with Hinged Cover, 100 Cup, Silver $176.14 Buy Now
Panasonic Commercial Rice...image Panasonic Commercial Rice Cooker, Extra-Large Capacity 60-Cup (Cooked), 30-Cup (Uncooked) with One-Touch Operation and Durable Non-Stick Coated Pan - SR-GA541FH – Silver $329.99 Buy Now
Wutfly 40 Cups...image Wutfly 40 Cups (Cooked) Commercial Rice Cooker/Warmer $99.99 Buy Now
Aroma Housewares Commercial...image Aroma Housewares Commercial 60-Cup (Cooked) / 14Qt. Rice & Grain Cooker (ARC-1430E), White $127.65 Buy Now
WerkWeit Commercial Rice...image WerkWeit Commercial Rice Cooker Large Rice Cooker 50Cup(Cooked)/25Cup (Uncooked), 1850W 13L Rice Cooker for Restaurant Canteen Party Commercial Rice Warmer for 24H $109.89 Buy Now
Zojirushi 20-Cup (Uncooked)...image Zojirushi 20-Cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer $350.34 ($350.34 / Count) Buy Now
Onlicuf Commercial Rice...image Onlicuf Commercial Rice Cooker 70-Cup Cooked (35-Cup Uncooked) Stainless Steel Housing 1550W for Restaurant $299.99 Buy Now

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

Final Words

Choosing the best commercial rice cooker for your commercial kitchen is crucial. These gadgets can handle the demands of a busy restaurant or catering business, cooking rice correctly every time. Our review of the top industrial rice cookers shows that they can boost your cooking efficiency and quality. If you research and assess your needs, you’ll locate the best commercial rice cooker to elevate your kitchen’s rice preparation.


Q1: Is it true that Japanese rice cookers are better?

Ans: Japanese rice cookers are often considered superior due to their innovative features, such as fuzzy logic technology. This advanced technology allows the rice cooker to adjust cooking time and temperature dynamically, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time, regardless of variations in grain type or quantity.

Fuzzy logic’s precise control ensures consistent results and does away with the guesswork involved in conventional rice cooking techniques. The intelligence of fuzzy logic makes Japanese rice cookers a better alternative for individuals who want properly cooked rice.

Q2: Why are Korean and Japanese rice cookers always expensive?

Ans: Korean and Japanese rice cookers are pricey due to their high quality and technology. Innovative features like fuzzy logic control, induction heating, and non-stick inner pots make these cookers precise and effective. Korean and Japanese manufacturers’ reliability, durability, and attention to detail justify their higher price point, making them excellent choices for rice cookers.

Q3: Is an aluminum rice cooker good or bad?

Ans: Aluminum rice cookers can be both good and bad. They are lightweight, heat up quickly, and conduct heat efficiently, making them suitable for cooking rice evenly. However, aluminum can react with acidic or alkaline foods, potentially affecting the taste and quality of rice.

Additionally, they may not be as durable as other materials and are prone to scratching and denting over time. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences and considerations regarding food safety and longevity.

Q4: Is cooking rice in an electric cooker safe for your health?

Ans: Cooking rice in an electric cooker is generally safe for your health. These cookers are designed to cook rice thoroughly and evenly, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses. However, it’s essential to follow proper hygiene practices, such as washing rice before cooking and cleaning the cooker regularly, to maintain food safety. Additionally, using high-quality ingredients and storing cooked rice properly can further ensure its safety for consumption.

Q5: Is Teflon in a rice cooker safe for healthy food?

Ans: Teflon-coated rice cookers are generally safe for cooking healthy food. Teflon is considered safe for cooking when used correctly at normal cooking temperatures. However, if the Teflon coating becomes scratched or damaged, it can release harmful chemicals. Avoid using metal utensils that can scratch Teflon and replace the cooker if it wears out for safety. Additionally, following the proper usage and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer can help mitigate any potential risks. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (.com,,.ca, etc.) and any other website that may be affiliated with the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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