We do not sell links, but we do accept guest posts for the following sites:

  1. Bistro Vivant – Welcome to My Kitchen
  2. Women’s Wardrobe
  3. Best Hydraulic Product Reviews
  4. Best Household Product Reviews
  5. Active Furniture
  6. Best Chair And Table Reviews
  7. Best Woodworking Tools Reviews

Do you want to write for any of these websites? You’ve come to the right place. Please fully read these guidelines before submitting a piece to our editorial team. Important note: Our publication queue for contributed articles can be up to 10–15 days long. To ensure our article backlog doesn’t grow, we publish only the most useful articles for our audience; accordingly, we tend to be highly selective.

Guest Posts


  • If you want a link back to an article on your blog, that’s fine. To bloggers, we offer one link back (do-follow) per thousand words of content. For companies, you get one link.
  • We do not accept links for casinos, outline gambling, marijuana, or essay writing services.
  • We need to know which link you care about, as I may remove every other link you add.


We do not currently charge for guest posts. We do charge if you want us to write an article. If you don’t have a good writer, you can sometimes pay us to write the article or pay us to find you a writer. Cost $25/article. Payment will be through Paypal or Payoneer.


  • We are looking for posts of 1000+ words.
  • You need to send two emails; one will be to approve the link, keyword(s), and topic. After approval of the topic, you have to send us the full article as email attachment  or through Google Doc. If you want, we can also help you with the keywords and topics.
  • If you have photos, you need to mention the source of the photos.
  • The topic must be relevant to the website categories.
  • We will create a user account with your author’s name and email address. But remember that in most cases, we do the publication with our dedicated team.

Deliverables Clarified

  • Article: 1000+ words. Email attachments or Google Docs.
  • Author’s name
  • Your Email Address
  • Tell us which link(s) you care about. No affiliate links are allowed, only blog page links.
  • email us montasir.ahmed.joni@gmail.com

SEO guidelines for your guest posts

  1. Your focus keyword must be 3 or more words long.
  2. Your article title must contain the focus keyword.
  3. Within the article body, the focus keyword must be maintained 3–4 times for a 1000-word article.
  4. There must be 2-3 FAQs within the article.
  5. The article must contain H2 and H3 tags, and they must be well distributed.